Benefits of Having an Intercom

Published: 26th August 2010
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An intercom device means that outside your door you have a two way voice system that may or may not also include a one way security camera. Often this intercom is then also attached to a buzzer to allow people access from a distance, and the other end is located by the door on the inside of the home, or at the desk of someone in the office.
This then has many benefits and is an incredibly useful tool. First of all it's great for security purposes and this is one reason it's often installed in elderly people's homes. With an intercom, when someone rings on the buzzer or door bell late at night, it's not necessary to actually go to the door which leaves you vulnerable and you can instead politely ask the visitor to leave without opening the door at all. If you have a security camera in your intercom then this is even better as you can actually see who's at the door and decide whether you want to let them in accordingly. This is also very helpful as it means you don't need to reveal that you're in at all. This way if someone rings on the buzzer you can simply look on the camera to decide if you want to let them in or not. This is great from a security standpoint meaning you never have to reveal that you're in when there are a gang of youths at your door and you're in a vulnerable group, but it's also great for other reasons too for example if someone comes round and you're not in the mood for socialising you can simply pretend to be out until they leave with no reason for them to think you're rude.
The intercom has more benefits than that though however. One great benefit when it's used in a business, and particularly when you also have a digital lock installed, is that it allows you to open the door for a distance. If you have a digital lock as many businesses do then you can simply answer the intercom and speak with the person at the gate or door. Once you decide you want to let them in you can then press the button to release the lock and this will let them enter the building. This is great if you are on the top floor in a large office block and it means you won't interrupt your work. By not being distracted by having to go down to let the postman in you can get more work done and that actually means more profit for the company. However remember if your company has an intercom installed that still should head down to let in guests and visitors which is more polite and will make more of a positive impression.
And as if that all wasn't enough the intercom has one other bonus too it allows you to avoid pranksters and avoid wasting time if the buzzer buzzes but no one answers then you no not to head down to the door to let them in.

For an intercom NY follow the link. At the same time consider the other elements of your security such as the door lock and cameras.

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